My Season


My name is Faizaan Zaman. I play for the Luton United Under 8 team. The position I play is striker. My favourite team is Liverpool. In Liverpool my favourite player is salah.

I like Salah because he is left footed and he scored amazing goals.

What have you enjoyed about this season

In the season, I enjoyed that the team has taken part in the matches and the players have tried to be strong and the players have been playing good. Also, throughout the season the player’s attitude has improved and that made me happy. The most important thing was that I enjoyed when the parents were supporting us.

My best game

My best game was against Athletico Luton. This was a cup game and Luton United had won the Semi-Finals. It was phenomenal. I had scored the last minute winner. I just couldn’t believe it. The coach was yelling the parents were screaming and I was delighted. We were so happy that we made it to the cup finals for the second time.

My favourite goal

My favourite goal was against EB Lions. The goal happened in the last half. I received the ball on the left wing. I took a touch and with a dip of my shoulder I beat the first player. I then performed a step over which beat the second player. I then looked up and watched goalkeeper move away from his line. The keeper looked nervous so I kicked the ball through my lace and ball flew into the top corner. It was unbelievable.

How can I improve

I can improve by trying to stay on my feet and not falling down. Keeping my balance, being strong and improving my first touch. Improve my shooting and dribbling. My passing needs improve to help my team mates.

What Luton United done to improve me as a player

The coaches have told us to attack the ball with space and shield when you are in the corner and have no way out. Win 1v1 battles and try to pass if we have a 2v1. We are always told to try new skills and given encouragement.

What Luton United can do better next season?

Next season Luton United can improve their facility. The clubhouse need to improve, parents can help more and more coaching.  I would also like to have new training kit and tracksuit.

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