Presenting the Dream

Saturday 27th April a day to remember for many members of our community. The decision to schedule a presentation awards ceremony before Ramadan could have been a costly error both for the club’s reputation and income. The backdrop has always been south Asians don’t take football seriously and would rather attend a wedding. Well this Saturday afternoon event for Luton United Football Club at Luton Sixth Form College put paid to that myth. South Asians would support their children and attend events given the chance. While the previous weekend was a glorious one, this weekend was rather windy and as one commentator said “real football weather”. Occasions like this are always a nervous affair, will people turn up and will they attend on time. And on cue we had our first guests arrive 10 minutes before the expected time and then the rush of parents and children. All to capture that dream of being in the spotlight. In true Asian fashion preceding’s had their inevitable delay. Some in part because of the arrival of a two large pots of biriyani from Hassan Caterers and the fresh smell had the organisers seeking out where it all came from.  When it all did start parents had used the delay to take the opportunity to catch up with community members and some lost friends. A delay to the start inadvertently brought a community together to discuss children and local affairs both in the UK and abroad. Coaches were thanked for their voluntary contribution, parents for taking up their time to take children to matches and children themselves to continue to be motivated to play. The roll call of honours for various age groups always gives a good discussion but most importantly children start to dream that it will be them next year and so preparation starts in their mind knowing what they have to do.  There’s no top goal scorer or most improved, the starting point for all is not down to ability but always a desire to be better than yesterday and always be better as a person. That’s the model of success. It was only fitting that this year’s keynote speech to mark the 20 years as a club was given to the man who started it all. His dream was to bring football to Asians to now football for all at the FA. His speech was a poignant one. It left parents to reflect and children to start dreaming while us coaches were inspired. The sense of community was highlighted, the importance that children had the right pathway and that their outcomes were achieved. Something that Luton United is tirelessly looking to bring to life, open up the doors and let children achieve their dream. As the plaudits and accolades were handed out to the various age group, the final and most significant award was handed out to the end. An award that in future should have its own sponsor on the bases that it demonstrates the core values that every person should have and that is Clubman of the Year. The merits to achieve this award are down to someone that is selfless, putting others ahead of themselves and going above the minimum. As you may have guessed that is someone always living by those ideas and inspiring others to achieve more. Football in the community can be a lonely affair but what this afternoon showed was make something and the community will happily dream with you to make it happen. So present the dream.          

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