The Coach’s work is never done

And…… breathe……….

So another season draws to a close and chance for the coaches to put their feet up for the summer, recharge their ageing batteries and muster any remaining strength to come back in July and start all over again!  Let’s be honest we do this because we want to.  We’re passionate about giving these boys a chance to play.  We want the boys to develop into fully rounded footballers. 

So when the season does draw to a close it is always with mixed feelings…..  relief that the morning dash from Watford to Bedford/Stotfold/Kempston/Dunstable (all via Blundell Road, Luton to pick up some more boys!) is not going to happen for a few Sundays at least.

There’s usually a tinge of sadness that another year has gone by and the boys are another year older (already half of them are now taller than the coaches!!) so no doubt by the time the new season starts a few more will have gone past us!

And plenty of planning!  If you’re coaches like Zahir and I then talking about the new season is what takes over for these next few weeks.  When shall we start pre-season training?  How many pre-season tournaments are we going to play?  What new ideas can we put to the boys for the coming season?  Do we need to strengthen any particular part of the team? 

This year another very serious question we are asking is how can we give all these boys a game?  Sometimes at training 20 plus boys were turning up and we can only name 16 in any match day squad.  The interest for this particular team this season has been immense and hopefully that will continue!

But we want to try and give as many boys a chance to play as possible.  So we are still thinking about the option of playing two teams in the league.  Or 1 team on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.  However as with all these options we need help!  We need help in the form of parents wanting to get involved.  The more volunteers we have (cos that’s all we all are!) the more we can do and hopefully the more boys can get a game on a weekend. 

So you might think once the season is over we just sit around drink tea/coffee (when not fasting) and chill.  But we don’t quite do that.  A coach’s work is never done.  Like a teacher there’s planning of the training sessions to also consider. 

But ultimately we do it because we want to and we enjoy it.  And we do it because it means these boys get a chance to play football, decent competitive football every weekend and it means they get to train every week.  That will help them through life and hopefully teach them values and lessons they will always look back on. 

When I set out to write this article it was meant to be the u14 season review….  But I guess that will have to wait for another day! Adios!

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