World Cup Fever….Wildcats Believer

Luton United Football Club undertook its first session directed exclusively towards girls. The Wildcats centre was held at Riverbank primary school. The centres are an initiative driven by Football Association and one the club strongly supports. If admissions have to be made then the first has to be would anyone from a community that historically has been hard to engage. Where academic excellence is a priority over physical exertion. So has Adam and I arrived to set up, thoughts immediately turn to, would anyone turn up, would any one see the benefits, is there any real point. For Adam and I, it was like turning up to the first day of work. We clearly made the cardinal error of having turned up too early and this further enhanced our anxieties. We always felt that this was important and positive for the community. Having spent several years developing, the boy’s football we knew the struggles we would face and but this time we are experienced. So as that first parent and child arrived and Adam got to work, those thoughts and feelings of would it work started to dissipate. As more girls arrived with parents we started to believe and got to work. Having exhausted ourselves and put every effort and focus on girls enjoying themselves.  We now turn our attention towards building and making sure that first group return. We might not get everything right, we might end up failing but what we do have is a belief that we will be successful and as shown by the first session the support of the community that they want it to succeed.    


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