Luton United Football Club is a community grassroots organisation using football as its main tool to promote participation in sport and a wider goal to tackle social issues. Having formed in 1999 the club has focused its activities in the Dallow, Biscot and Saints wards in Luton. The Football Club has enabled many young people to develop self-confidence, teamwork,
self-responsibility and to realise their potential. With the support of volunteers, parents and local organisation the club hopes to continue with this success.

The work of the football club is under pined by the following values:

Promote community health and well-being amongst all age groups through participation in sports, education, leisure and exercise

Helping others to become involved and empowered by listening to and understanding what local people want

Engaging young people in team approaches and in devising positive futures for themselves whilst diverting them from anti social behaviour and providing positive pro social modeling

Providing full mutual support and seeking community participation and involvement.